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Opinel - Oyster knife

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Opinel knives have been standard equipment in almost every French household since the end of the 19th century. To this day, the company is family-owned and is run by a great-grandson of the developer Joseph Opinel.

Opinel Oyster & Shell Knife no. 9. The noble oyster knife with a handle made of African bubinga wood.

This sturdy folding knife is designed to open oysters and shells. Due to the special blade sharpening, opening is easy. Furthermore, the shells are not damaged due to the small blade length during breaking up. The stainless blade of the knife is locked by the famous Virobloc system. To lock the blade, only the safety ring needs to be turned. The handle made of bubinga wood from Africa lends the practical folding knife uniqueness, because this wood distinguishes itself by its particularly fine structure and captivates by play of colors reaching from brown to violet.

Blade material: robust, stainless steel blade
Handle material: varnished bubinga wood
Blade length: 6.5 cm
Blade thickness: 2.2 cm
Cut sharpened only with the tip - 1.5 cm sharpened
very good ergonomics
with Virobloc system for blade locking

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