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Das Winter Tage Buch

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Hoar frost on the ground, the sky pale and clear, and the air fresh, clean, and invigorating: this is how winter begins, the season that Nigel Slater loves most of all. And not only him: the months of coziness, stories, family traditions, and feasts are rightly considered the most wonderful time of the year. From November to February, candles are lit in the afternoon, the fire crackles in the fireplace, and there are plenty of good meals to enjoy.
In the middle of this cold season are Christmas and New Year's Eve. In anticipation of the holidays, Nigel Slater takes his readers to the Christmas markets in Nuremberg, Cologne, and Vienna. He raves about the magic of Advent calendars and Christmas cards, tells stories about the Stollen festival in Dresden and Krampus, and offers insights into his personal Christmas traditions.
Of course, there are plenty of recipes for baking, roasting, and cooking: hearty dishes and warming soups that can be served after a walk in the nasty weather. Irresistible Christmas menus, elaborate cakes, and snacks for between meals here you ll find everything you need to be able to enjoy the winter to its fullest.
Nigel Slater

Hardcover edition
480 pages
Publication date: 13 September 2018
Language: German
ISBN 978-3-8321-9935-7
Publisher: DuMont
Dimensions (L/W/H): 23.1/16.4/4.3 cm
Weight: 1200 g
Original title: The Christmas Chronicles
Illustrations: 102 color illustrations, with hot foil embossing and two ribbon bookmarks
First edition
Translator: Sofia Blind
Photographer: Jonathan Lovekin

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